Parting ways with the web

Hi all! It is burning hot in Chennai with soaring temperatures and dust dispersing all across, our city is progressing slowly in its infrastructure. It is almost the same kind of development in my career lately, a much required & desired stride towards mobile application development. Little did I know about the timing of it, as I was premeditated with lot of things in web development, a new project involving quite an amount of data and also my very own website. Anyway, its official now and I have made the switch, so I will be dedicated to UI/UX in mobile apps for the next part of my career.

I am pretty sure that it will not be the end of my involvement in the web but it will be more like taking a different approach to walk through the technology. I always wanted to showcase my concepts & prototypes that I have done and about to enact but with all the non-disclosure agreements in check, I guess that won’t be possible. But I will share my thoughts and personal projects from now on, which is why I am planning (re) designing my own website alongside this blog. I am sharing few shots of the new design which utilizes the presentation-concept of blurred background as I simply couldn’t get it off my mind and also also it incorporates transparency to a certain limit.

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Also I’ve listed a new flat base design template for a website that I was working in my previous workplace. I wanted to develop it using Drupal and also wanted to enhance the UI/UX progressively. I have passed the design to the people over there and all I can hope is that they try to bring out what I had in mind or may be even better. It’s a bit frustrating because I wanted to finish off the project before the switch but think I’ve to be satisfied for at least the concept took its shape into a fair design.

Moving on from the web apps platform to a much more dedicated platform was a bit cheeky. Looking back, I wanted to cover a lot of things in a year in the web app platform and I am pretty sure that I did check most of those boxes discharging few of them with regret. Would have loved to stick to the plan and endure the worst part but life had different things in store. On the technology POV, this switch has exposed me to a lot of things in mobile design/development that is different from the actual web. That is bit contradicting because I thought the goodness of HTML5 and the responsiveness has been the key factor in the progression of the technology in multiple platform but still when seeing things from a different perspective or rather from a singular perspective, I had to admit that there is still a lot to touch on each of them. But that is all about to change and I am happy that I got the best ticket for the show to see this technology transform. I have a lot of analogies and situations to put up right now on why there is contradiction on choosing a multi-plat, but I guess that will be neither useful nor informative given the trivial amount of experience I hold now. So I will travel with the time further and will bundle up my experience in this platform and will try to share some solid information.

Also, I did find the internet less useful while gathering data about the switch from the web apps to mobile apps. I guess that has something to do about me searching in a wussy way or it seriously is the case. Like I said earlier, I will pile up few of those experiences and will share them soon in a different blog post.

PS: About the website redesign, I am looking forward to launch it sometime in the mid June or July as finding spare time will be difficult in the coming days.


Feature Added!

Hello all! Its been a longtime since the last post. I have been pretty busy with my work and not all is well, so finding the right time and the mood to put a post on this blog is tough. Anyway, back to the topic, Feature Added? Sounds like an achievement that has been unlocked in a video game or something sort of, right? Yeah, I have started reading, I mean restarted reading books. Its never been a habit of mine and I have tried it many times but only to lose it after a few chapters. This time I wanted to go on beyond my indolence and was happy to finish it even though it was only a small one. I wouldn’t put that exactly as indolence rather it is more like those ludicrous feelings that you get to postpone stuff. I have the patience to read small books but its the bigger one that overleaps. But this time, I am not going to give up and will chose topics wisely to keep it running.

I made it a habit to read a few pages before sleeping and my Moto Defy was really helpful in doing so. Yes, I have been reading the eBooks and I am more comfortable with it as it is easier to carry it around and I can easily kill of the travelling time while reading. I have been using the ALDIKO app from the Play store and it is quite useful to customize your reading experience, the eBooks from Flipkart are also good and you can get some free copies of certain books from the flyte section.

The Chrysalids & Things Fall Apart

The Chrysalids & Things Fall Apart

Now on the book I finished, its THE CHRYSALIDS by John Wyndham and I did like it very much. Fast paced story-line, interesting characters, no dreary stuff and more of a book for a hothead like me :P. I would recommend this one for people who want to a finish off a book soon. Enough said on it and moving on to the next book, which is ‘Things Fall Apart’. The only reason I chose this one is because of the interesting title. Lets see what it has to offer and I am pretty sure that it will be good read.


Anatomy of an Effective Web Design

Hello everyone! Here is a infographic demonstrating anatomy of web design. I found it to be interesting as the presentation was neat & clean. The last infographic I shared was about Intel Processor’s evolution and I didn’t know the source of it but I guess I found the source for this one, it is from submitinfographics.

F1 Travelogue 2012, Chennai-Noida

Hello fellow bloggers and internet folks. First of all, thank you for the clicks on karthiklog, it has now crossed 7K mark. I didn’t expect the sudden surge in traffic & also the internet search results which are a bit awkward, as my lame posts get more hits than the one which I spend more time. Special thanks to my few followers & subscribers who are stilling following even after my choice of posting miserable topics and write-ups.

Finding time is very much hard these days. Loads of work, lots of travel and very less time even to rest. Guess everything will pay off sooner or later and with some confidence rekindled every now and then, my life moves on into another busy loop. I was planning to do this travelogue on my Formula 1 experience for quite some time and I am very glad that I am doing it now. Being at a F1 race was a life time experience and after travelling hundreds of miles to reach there, it was even more special and memorable one. Fast cars, bustling noises and most importantly the weather which was great because we only experience 365 days of summer here in Chennai. The primary reason for this travelogue is to lend some digital help to my fellow F1 fanatics who will be travelling from South of India to Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in the future. Why this sudden social conscience? Well, when we (me & my mate) started to the plan the travel, there was very little info online. There were a few people who gave us some info but that was very little in terms of what we experienced after we got there.

So let me start the travelogue. I will try to keep it simple, comprehensive and informative. Here we go, travelling from Chennai to Noida is not straight forward, there are a couple of important routes & we took the Chennai to Noida via New Delhi route. There are 3-4 trains that ply from Chennai to Delhi on regular basis and we took the Sampark Kranti Express and got down at Nizamuddin junction. The journey took 2 days & a night and the food supplied in the train was good but we managed to pass it with some packed food & fruits.  Fellow passengers advised us to take the local EMU trains to New Delhi but we got down only to experience the HINDILISH VINDILISH nightmare. We barely knew Hindi and communicating in English with the localities wasn’t helpful either.

With the limited help from the apps we downloaded from the GOOGLE PLAY app store, we managed to take an auto rickshaw outside the station to Delhi. It was very much late then and we planned to stay the night at Delhi. There were a few people who were from our part of the region and we thought they will be helpful but it was quite deploring to see them quoting us ludicrous charges for the stay/travel. So we ignored them and headed out on foot to find some hotels. With so many hotels around the railway station, we managed to find a reasonable one that cost us 800 bucks per night. To be honest, we looked for an ever lesser amount but considering the safety and weather we ought to make that decision.

We got up next morning and started to hustle out towards the nearest metro station. We thought the station was near as the GPS suggested and started to walk but immediately after a few meters, we figured out that we were walking towards the inner part of the Delhi which was actually the wrong path to the station. Then, we took an auto rickshaw and traveled to Rajiv Chowk metro station. The local trick to bargain with the auto rickshaws worked there too (whatever the autowala quotes, you just have to ask the exact half of it because that is the actual amount). After reaching the metro station, it was quite easy to figure out things. The Delhi metro website was really useful in planning the trip and so were the guys working at the stations. The only thing we missed was to inquire about the timings of the businesses at NOIDA. We found that out after reaching the spot. The restaurants around there open around 11 A.M. and so were the shops. Here in Chennai, hotels work as early as 6 A.M. from the morning and most of the business around 9 A.M.  As we were pretty early to the counter to collect the tickets, we started to stroll around the SECTOR for almost an hour (thanks to the local help who turned himself into a travel guide and took us for a walk just to tell that he works in a construction site. Remember? It’s the language problem). At last we found a small shop selling some fast food. We had our breakfasts which was fairly cheap considering the posh locality and the people. Then we took the metro to reach Noida City Centre (NCC). The travelling cost in the metro is very much feasible and so are the costs & availability of food in Noida. But that was all about to change when we reach the Noida City Centre (NCC).

I had a thought that NCC was the heart of the NOIDA, which it was geographically. On the contrary, it was huge sector which looked like a city outskirt with under construction buildings & very little shops. The entire sector looked the same with fine dust particles (guess it’s the industrial sand) floating in the air (Eh? You get through f@#%^*g dust storms whenever a small vehicle passes by) to welcome you. After some sand bath, we hit the GPS and as usual it took us to the wrong part of the town. Inquiring with the localities was always the better option as they gave us some information on the hotels around. We were primarily looking for some three star hotels to keep the costs down & we managed to book a room for 1800 Rupees per night at HOTEL RAMA.  Finding quality food around the NCC was pretty tough as there wasn’t a single restaurant. The only source of food was from the hotel we stayed and it wasn’t that great as I was looking for some local dishes.

Travelling from NCC by public transport is another problem as the localities hardly understand/speak English and we weren’t good with our Hindi either. Local buses seem to take an hour & half to reach the track while taxis can do that in 30-40 mins depending on the driver but they are all pretty hard to find in NCC as they usually hang around the metro station.  The decision to book the BIC shuttle service was a brilliant one as travelling back from the circuit to NCC or to any other location looked a nightmare. May be the transport services will get better, as the TAJ-YAMUNA expressway has just opened & businesses around the highway are slowly creeping up.

After enjoying the race weekend, it was time to get back to the airport. We took the last metro train at NCC towards Dwarka Sector-21 around 0934 P.M. It took one & half hours to reach there, after that we were left with a lone option to take an auto rickshaw to IGI airport. The ride cost us around 300.Rs and it was worthy considering the weather which was damn hard foggy. After spending few hours at the airport, we boarded the flight to say good bye to the F1 circus and to the city. It was a joyful & a memorable trip and to be even more honest, I don’t like long travels but after this particular trip I am very much looking forward to do a trip like this every year. I have attached some pics along with this post which I took all along the trip. With lasting memories of the trip, I close this travelogue.

Web Platform



This is great news to the community of web developers around the world and I am very much excited to share it here. Its about the launch of webplatform, a website that is dedicated for education of open web standards.  This is a like a dream team of top developers from Google, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, HP, W3C, Nokia and Adobe together in one place. There are websites like StackOverflow, which I always use to ping in case of any doubts while developing a website and there are other forums which are popular too. Sometimes I hang around Mozilla’s MDN & Microsoft’s MSDN to check with browser specific problems and also try to gather the latest from there but this new platform sounds just the useful one to make things clearer for cross browser and cross platform support. Visually, this website looks great and the forum UI is simple alike SO. This makes it stand out from the usual wiki websites which look bleak and boring.

The website is in alpha mode, things are just not ready yet and you can see that when you browse around. The topics are limited to JS, HTML5 and CSS and we can expect more languages and frameworks to be added soon in the future. The above mentioned companies are listed as STEWARDS, so we can expect some solid moderation and support from them. First hand help from the respective developers in the forum will be handy and reduces the time to stroll around the net when trying to solve a bug or problem. I love to learn new things and this initiative looks just the platform to stick around.

The announcements by the respective companies are as follows. I got these links from Addy Osmani’s Google+ profile, so its only fair to return the link. You can also check his views about



Blue Ferrari!

Hi motorheads! The title sounds uncommon, Isn’t it? I too had a similar feeling when I saw it. Its about a Ferrari F1 car that raced back in 1964. Ferrari have always raced their F1 cars in the scarlet red color and its been their legacy. We also know that colors were chosen according to the national interests (If you don’t know, check this out). They have always raced in the same color irrespective of their title sponsors. In today’s F1, its a common sight to see teams adapting to new liveries to suit their major sponsors. Its not a big deal to change the liveries these days but teams like Mclaren & Ferrari have been in the sport from the very beginning and to them its like changing their genesis. As I grew up, I’ve only seen Ferrari in red. Mclaren have changed their livery more than 3-4 times as far as I remember. They started with an orange livery, then they changed it to red/white (Marlboro sponsors), then to black/white (Johnie Walker sponsor or I guess Mclaren just didn’t have any title sponsor) and now its red/silver (Vodafone sponsors).

A Blue Ferrari is unusual. When I searched around, I was only able to find this: It happened way back in 1964 when Enzo Ferrari was protesting against an Italian Federation for an approval of mid-engine race car named ‘GRAN TURISMO LA 250LM’. So the Italians didn’t enter the last two races and instead a team based in US known as North American Racing Team (NART, a Ferrari importer) registered the entries with the licenses from Ferrari and raced the car. I don’t know how exactly the deal was worked out. I can see the Scuderia Ferrari logo in the cars which means Ferrari didn’t distance themselves either. I can only guess, the deal was to ensure sure that Ferrari and their driver John Surtees will lift the championship title for constructors & driver, which they did eventually.

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It will be great if someone who was alive during this incident would come forward and share us what exactly happened. I don’t know whether history would repeat itself or not but if it does we may see a Ferrari in an unusual color.


[PS: It was really difficult to find those images of Ferrari. So I think, Its only fair to back link these images to the website from where I've shared. The WP slideshow is not linking the images back, so here are the links. Image1, Image2Image3Image4. If you want more info on this, check here.]

Car Lottery? NO FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Hi to everyone. As the topic suggests, this post is going to be a rant against the news article that was published few days ago in an English daily newspaper. Here is the link for the online version of it. The article suggests an idea about implementing a lottery system for sales/registration of cars.

When I read this article, I was completely shattered and was really astounded that people are even thinking complete rubbish like this. It has always been the cars which takes the blame when it comes to global warming (or) for running out of non-renewable energy (or) for the traffic/congestion. People are so blind that they don’t even notice the fact that our stupid public transport system needs a total revamp. This blogpost won’t be enough to tell the misery of the public transport system, so I will pass it.

Coming to the next point, our trucks which are so essential which runs million of miles a day almost covering the entire national highways from north to south, transporting goods are so pathetic, be it in their condition or the rules that are followed while driving around. Trust me on this; I am not making this up, there are trucks that gush out black smoke alike those industrial chimneys out there. I always used to wonder whether these trucks run on kerosene or crude oil. If you inhale that smoke for about two minutes, I bet you’ll lose at least two years of your life span. I guess people (including the Govts. & activists) are not making any remark against this simply because they might lose their daily essentials as todays cities are totally dependent on the commodities delivered by these trucks (starting from milk to dresses we wear).

Then, to talk about the roads we have, these roads are so magical that it can almost vanish from where it was laid after 2-4 days of heavy rain. Sometimes you can see potholes which are so big that we can almost see the earth’s crust and I am not going to mention those big speeds bumps which are built according to that mood the engineer (I guess it was built by an engineer). If he is happy, he will build a fairly large one, if he is upset then you can have mini Mt. Everest in every corner of the street. Vehicles lose mileage due to this and yet I am really surprised that the author didn’t mention any of these including the redundant flyovers/bridges, the lazy & incompetent traffic cops, traffic diversions for silly reasons and the escorts for politicians which will take almost hours to pass by but still the civilian vehicle movement will be stopped, even in the parallel roads sighting security reasons.

After seeing all these happening around us, we still want to lay the blame on the cars. I don’t know how long it will take for the people to notice the fact that our traffic rules are so incapable and the licensing part, which is another pathetic system of rules where people can easily get things done without even knowing the rules or even the basic idea of driving the vehicle around. Then there is this big scenario of potential bribery in the entire lottery system. The author has highlighted this, so I will leave it for the people to imagine the possible ‘scam records’ that might take place if this system goes live.

I am a passionate car enthusiast but that doesn’t make me biased towards cars and against any system that opposes cars. If it had to be done for the development of the society, then everyone has to digest the bitter pill including ME. I am just saying that, ideas like this SHOULD NOT be encouraged as there is so much that can be done to improve the situation (like implementing a well/thoroughly planned public transport system, widening of the roads just by clearing the roadside occupants, building multi-storey parking lots & making it mandatory to park the vehicle there, satellite guided traffic signals, better pollution laws, stringent rules against traffic violation) of traffic/congestion/environment other than crucifying the cars.

Today, We can see the car industry rapidly adapting to the present needs, there are many renewable-energy powered prototypes presented and many have hit the roads too. But I don’t see any renewable energy powered bus/truck/airplane. I am not talking about how that technology is not feasible to adapt and stuff. I am just saying that the ideas like this are only going to make the system worse and we would become imminently dependent on the idea of lottery. The countries which have implemented or looking to implement this system aren’t the bastion of democracy, so we don’t want to follow them anyway. The reason that it works there doesn’t make the system looks good either. Imagine this; due to famine we are going to implement a lottery system for food/water, It will be a perfect recipe for invoking hell on earth.  So please for God’s sake, quit these ludicrous ideas.

Stay sane!

Evolution of Intel Processor

Hello all!

Got an infographic to share. Remember sharing an infographic last time? It was about the activities around internet in 60 seconds. This time its about evolution of Intel’s processors.

Infographic : Evolution of Intel Processors

Infographic : Evolution of Intel Processors

All new Audi R8!

Hola everyone! Happy happy news! There is a new Audi R8 in town. Who could have forgot about the old one, it was stunning, marvellous and immensely mesmerising. I was some much in love with it, so I went on to get a scale model of the R8.  To me, its the best car that humankind has ever made :) . The old one was considered a civilized sports car in its league but Audi has taken it and given even more genteel look. There are subtle differences here and there: new LED lights, new rear diffuser, bumper, rounded exhausts and new R8 brand logo :D. The new LEDs looks good but I think I prefer old ones which looked even more exquisite.

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The specs are all around the net, here are the best figures. The new R8 has as an acceleration of  0-62mph in 4.3seconds, with the V10 model hitting the mark in 3.6seconds. There is also a new seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission, which sounds like a killer. The car debuts in Paris motor show this year and now every R8 lover is going to wait for it including me.



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